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Update from last night- kid asked my friend for my number and we gave him 8675309 and he still hasn’t figured it out.

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Went to a party and met this fuckig creepy kid who wouldnt leave me alone. I made it obvious i wasn’t interested. And as soon as I leave, he friends me on facebook. I didn’t give him my last name and he didn’t have any of my friends’s last names of facebooks.
Creepiest fucking thing

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i want a cute boy to buy me cute underwear

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Anonymous asked: what about books? same?

For the books it’s tough because the Hobbit sets up LOTR and they have the same style of writing obviously. For the books, I think i like The Hobbit better because it describes everything more because it is the prequel instead of just jumping into the action

Anonymous asked: LOTR or Hobbit?

Oh damn haha well okay if you’re going by how much I like the movies, the LOTR by far. But I like that the story line of The Hobbit because it sets up for LOTR so I guess it’s a hard choice, but overall LOTR yeah



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